Relógio de Lego com os personagens favoritos.

Great idea for boys bedroom. Make an adorable DIY lego clock for your lego movie bedroom theme. You can also customize the lego figurines depending on which characters you want on your awsome clock!

Now, this is awesome! Decorative, vintage and funky hangers for your cables and…

Decorative, vintage and funky hangers for your cables and keys. And a 'hello' from your childhood everyday - look how happy they are to escape the boxes in your parents basement!

Speedy Creativa: Eco Craft Tour, la cornice con i Lego!

I have small phone pieces that look like tiny legos that could be used for this. I would want to spray paint them and get rid of the phone tags on them.


iPhone LEGO Dock Utilizes Your Spare Blocks For Innovation

iPhone docks are usually quite expensive, especially if you want one that has a few extra features. Build your own iPhone LEGO dock instead.