homemade marshmallows.

Apple Cider Marshmallows

Having a pie party? "This homemade Blueberry Pie recipe is as easy as pie gets, and is the perfect summery dessert to share with company for special any gathering.

the ultimate veggie sandwich recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

Eggs on toast

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MAKE VEGAN! Use almond feta | Roasted Grapes with Thyme, Fresh Ricotta & Grilled Bread. Cas says, "I ain't telling a SOUL if you decide to throw sliced dried figs on there with a drizzle of hot pepper honey and a splash of balsamic reduction..."

Roasted Grapes with Thyme, Fresh Ricotta & Grilled Bread

Roasted grapes with thyme is my jam! Lunch: Roasted Grapes with Thyme, Fresh Ricotta & Grilled Bread by alexandracooks. Recipe by realsimple.

Figs and ricotta cheesecake popsicle

Figs and ricotta cheesecake popsicle

Crockpot Sunday Sauce | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest

Crockpot Sunday Sauce

Crockpot Sunday Sauce- my newest food crush, beef short ribs give you so much bang for your buck! Sear these and add to the crock pot with all the other ingredients and you have a delicious meal when you come home. Boil some pasta and dinner is ready!

apricot salsa quesadillas

These Apricot Salsa Quesadillas look good, but click through and you'll find 21 quesadilla recipes, including one with jerk chicken and another with caramel and apples. It might just be a quesadilla week in this household.

Moody food shot

I don't know what this really is, but I fantasize that it is a spice cake, heavy on the ginger with a brown sugar buttercream frosting and a caramel drizzle, sounds so yummy!