Imbiber Mug

Slightly higher proportion of the cups. A bit of unexpected element. (Imbiber Mug) Beautiful colors!

Modern Indian teapot...beautiful !

Kettle Rate this from 1 to Kettle 10 Modern Tea Kettles & Teapots Solid Copper Tea Kettle with Brass Handle Vintage Enamelware White Tea

Ceramics by Janaki Larsen N° 001

Ceramics // Available at: le Marche St George, Vancouver. Porous pottery I like this texture and these colors

Ceramics, I want!!

Samantha Robinson Porcelain

Samantha Robinson’s enticing collection of porcelain makes me so happy this morning! I am hoping that I can find…

White Ruffles Food Plates #Design

I have these same bowls from ym lovely friend Roos Van de Velde. They are quite simply "Perfect Imperfection" by Roos Van de Velde



Helen Carnac An Internationally acclaimed enameller – she works with vitreous enamel on steel – it is the type of enamel used for domestic ‘white wear’ – including baths, sinks, pots and pans.

love these

Less Catenary Pottery Printer What if Parametric is not digital? What if Parametric is analogous? What if Parametric is more about materiality and forces? This is part of an exploration on how to create standard machines that generate .