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Asta Nørgaard

Asta Nørgaard
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Relax-o-ring copper rolling fidget ring from Saje

Experience the power of reflexology at your fingertips. This beautiful copper plated coil is designed to massage the fingers and support balance by stimulating reflex points and their corresponding energy zones.

Rolling Fidget Ring can slide up and down your finger as it provides gentle tactile input. A discreet fidget that can be used by teens and adults. Not designed to be pulled and stretched as it will lose its original shape.

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Mini hair coils are a cheaper alternative to the "Fidget for your Digit" tool also featured in this board. Unlike the fidget wire ring, these do not go out of shape permanently if pulled too hard. They are the perfect size for the student to roll up and down their thumb or finger for discreet tactile input in the classroom. Comes in a huge variety of colors - black and transparent are visually less distracting. Available at Daiso for $2 (pack of 6 assorted colors).

Fidget Toys for Kids - Since kids respond in a variety of means to quite a few fidgets, I wished to create an immense collection of fidgets for you to.

7 Girls Show What Beauty Looks Like When It’s Not Appropriated

“Love Your Hair” Kyemah McEntyre by Nicolas Kantor for Teen Vogue May Stylist: Catherine Newell-Hanson Hair: Edward Lampley Makeup: Fulvia Farolfi Nails: Maki Sakamoto