BAG TO MAKE - From old suit jacket! what a CUTE idea! ;) and you get to repurpose old stuff, too!

BAG TO MAKE - From old suit jacket! what a CUTE idea!) and you get to repurpose old stuff, too! (go to the thrift store and get an old suit jacket!

potholder rug---i WANT to do this!

I now wanna make rugs and blankets out of old tees. Dont like all these colors though, neutrals and plains for me potholder rug. If I'm not mistaken…this is being made with recycled Tshirts! may be the answer for that elusive rug i've been searching for!

Dishfunctional Designs: Silverware Upcycled & Repurposed: Crafts With Spoons & Forks

So awesome recycled / repurposed / reused DIY silverware pendant lamps - NEAT & so CREATIVE! Light fixtures made from grouped spoons - just wrap the spoons with wire around hanging bulbs!

Make poofy pillows from old sweaters! This website has lots of ways to upcycle sweaters from flea markets -- make gloves, bags, bangles and more. #DIY #decor #clothes

I could make a dog pouf pillow! Pillow poufs from recycled sweaters! This site has tons of ideas for thrift store sweaters, love them.

Crispina French's Potholder Rugs.

Remember making potholders on that funny little loom in grade school? she's taking recycled old clothes and making a rug. The frame doesnt seem too complicated to make

my rug

DIY Potholder Rugs It would make a great kids room or family room rug!

HookRugWeekend 021

How to make "pot holder rugs" Would be so fun with the kids to make one for the art room or to auction off! Could also be an awesome "extra time" activity!


handpicked, by doble M design: Bits and bobs necklace, by Artelia - fiber, fabric, textile jewelry

upcycling - Google-søgning

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Wedding Idea {DIY Tip} Glue the tea cups to their saucers. String an power cable with light fitting through each and suspend above your wedding tables! Or just make a light fixture for AIW room :)

Unique Coat Rack : Attach sawed-off wooden hangers to a board by screwing them in through the back. Add heavy-duty picture hangers to the back of the board for mounting on the wall. Throw hats on top and hang purses and coats on the hangers' hooks.

upcycling - Google-søgning

Food’s on, and so are the lights! Dutch designer Willem Heeffer, combines function and fun with pendant lights created from Heinz Beanz tin cans. Find out more at Upcycle That.

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The Beauty & The Beast cassette wallet - The Beauty & The Beast cassette wallet gives outdated technology a fresh and new functionality. Infused with an authentic ‘Beauty and the.