Glow in the dark bubbles  This will be expected in our next camping trip!

Glow in the dark bubbles I bet the kids would love this! The bubble making went so well. Although, would our classroom be dark enough for glow-in-the-dark bubbles to work?

These bubble snakes are an EASY activity for kids! All you need is an empty water bottle and one mismatched sock!

How to Make Bubble Snakes

Super Strong Bubbles Recipe With Simple Ingredients. This will be such a fun summer activity!

How to Make Super Strong Bubbles

Dawn dish soap truly works the best for homemade bubbles! 1 tablespoon glycerin (see where to buy glycerin below) 1 tablespoon white corn syrup

bubble popping sequence:

Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail

Valentine Bubble Science Activity - Pre-K Pages

Valentine Bubble Science Activity

Take the kids outside with these fun bubble activities that the kids will love! These bubble activities are great for kids of all ages! Fun ways to keep kids busy!

Check out these bubble activities that your kids will love! We're huge bubbles fans in our house so we love getting creative with them!

Voronoi in bubbles. I love the organic nature of this. bubbles, skin, leaves, dragonfly wings. nature not data.

Voronoi in bubbles. I love the organic nature of bubbles, skin, leaves, dragonfly wings, nature.

Really, you can make a square bubble. It is so much fun to see different shapes formed right before your eyes.

Make A Square Bubble

Using bubble soap, pipe cleaners, and a drinking straw, students will find out if it is possible to make a square bubble.

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