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natureisthegreatestartist: “What’s this? It’s a carnivorous plant called drosophyllum lusitanicum. And those sparkling droplets are actually sweet, sticky secretions that trap insects.

I Like It Natural And Cool...Always In The Country !...

Art in Nature - leaf veins & rain drops: beautiful duck egg blue tones + natural texture and pattern inspiration

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When to wait or move on

"My religion is nature. That’s what arouses those feelings of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me.” photo by Saefull Regina

Honeycombs; Golden Ratio of God's equation of beauty

Obviously the whole reason to set up, maintain, and stock a beehive is to harvest honey. You will know that it is time to harvest the honey when you look i

natures harmony

Experiments with the golden ratio, top view of dandelion seeds with black background. Notice the spiral pattern. - board I pinned this from is all spirals and Fibonacci

Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Dennis Wojtkiewicz is an artist best known for his distinctive large-scale paintings of fruit and flowers in which the subject matter is encapsulated and transfixed by a heightened approach to realism.

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Family Bufonidae.  Boreal Toad eggs. Mother Nature makes everything beautiful

Mother Nature makes everything beautiful

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>I don't care at all for crop circles being some paranormal activity, I think that's new age bullshit, but I love the art form and I find th