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natures harmony

Experiments with the golden ratio, top view of dandelion seeds with black background. Notice the spiral pattern. - board I pinned this from is all spirals and Fibonacci

You may think that these were small pieces of art...nope just bacteria in petri dishes.

Klari Reis has an ongoing project called The Daily Dish Every day she posts pictures of her stunning hand-painted petri dishes which resemble live bacteria samples.

diy microscope using the lens from a laser pointer. Author claims to have gotten 175x magnification, but I am skeptical.

Cell phone to microscope conversion TUTORIAL. I love the idea that scientists are looking more into the advantage of a cell phone in lab settings. This is an old instructable and I remembered always wanting to do it.


The Stunning Diversity and Detail of Vibrantly Colored New England Caterpillars-“Red Boots” Apatelodes torrifacta on cherry / “Three Swallowtails” Papilio glaucus, polyxenes, and troilus