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Dr Adrienne Carmack, a board certified Urologist and mother of three who is also a strong voice in the growing tide of medical personnel questioning and challenging the common practice of routine infant circumcision. Circumcision Care Newborn, Childbirth Education, Baby Care Tips, Attachment Parenting, Midwifery, Baby Health, Newborn Care, New Parents, Twin Girls

Should I Circumcise My Baby? Guest Post By Dr Adrienne Carmack, Urologist - Birth Boot Camp® Amazing Childbirth Education Classes

We are honored today to share a guest post from Dr. Adrienne Carmack, a board-certified Urologist, and mother of three who is also a strong voice in the

Terrible Reasons to Circumcise your Infant. Please, please, please don't do this to your sons. God did NOT make them with a foreskin for no reason at all. He made us perfect. Leave your sons alone. Natural Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Twin Girls, Baby Time, Kids Health, Healthy Kids, Baby Wearing, Baby Fever, Baby Pictures

6 Terrible Reasons to Circumcise Your Infant - Hollywood Homestead

Print Friendly Now before everyone goes up in arms, let me preface this post by saying that I understand that circumcision is a ritual that is important to a few religious groups. I’m not going to get into the religious thing today. Instead I will simply dissect the other 6 most common reasons that Americans […]

Circumcision-Basic Facts (Guest Post by Rachael Heiner).a very good article, even if it does still skew a bit towards anti-circumcision. Newborn Care, Newborn Babies, Newborns, Pregnancy Labor, Doula, Circumcision, Childbirth Education, Natural Parenting, Midwifery

Circumcision: Basic Facts (Guest Post by Rachael Heiner) - Birth Boot Camp® Amazing Childbirth Education Classes

Every parent should know the basic facts about circumcision. It's one of THOSE issues, hot button topics that really hit on people's nerves and conversations

A mom describes the day she allowed her newborn to be circumcised: My precious love, I am sorry I allowed them to circumcise you. This is a powerful story, raw with regret. Peaceful Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Circumcision Facts, Pregnancy Labor, Driving Force, I Am Sorry, Attachment Parenting, The More You Know, My Precious

My husband and I talked at length about whether or not we should share this story. We realized that circumcision has everything to do with human rights. For me, personally, the initial driving force was stopping another precious baby from feeling the unimaginable fear, confusion, and pain, that my precious love didby Jennifer Andersen

I'm a bit depressed. Our midwife gave me a book about circumcision. I've started the book and can't put it down. I'm not sure that I'll ever fully recover. Child Teaching, Kids Learning, Circumcision, Love You Baby, Attachment Parenting, Midwifery, Baby Birth, Kids Writing, Raising Kids

Why I Didn't Choose Circumcision

I'm a bit depressed. Our midwife gave me a book about circumcision. I've started the book and can't put it down. I'm not sure that I'll ever fully recover.

Myths and Facts about infant circumcision. Just in case I ever need this for future reference The More You Know, Good To Know, Did You Know, Circumcision, Attachment Parenting, Important Facts, Medical Information, Flash Photography, Midwifery

Infant Circumcision: Did you know?

To learn more, visit: video with spanish subtitles: the INFORMED ...

I'm quite sure if a father posted a FB status about getting his newborn daughter "done" b/c circumcised women are sexier, he'd be lit on fire in the streets and make national news. Fb Status, Psychological Well Being, Right To Choose, Circumcision, Attachment Parenting, Baby Birth, Babywearing, Doula, Just The Way

Cause He's Amazing, Just the Way He is...No Cutting Required!

So you know the common statements in regards to infant circumcision, where the mothers publicly fixate on the eroticism and sexual appeal of their sons' penises, justifying circumcision because they claim it makes their baby penises prettier, sexier, more attractive, etc? First, yes. Gag me, it's beyond comprehension not only how parents can openly promote surgery on infants for erotic reasons, but also how our society condones this. I'm quite sure if a father posted a Facebook status about…

Informative article on circumcision, origination, facts and myths, just in case there's a little boy floating around in there. Circumcision, Holding Baby, Natural Birth, Attachment Parenting, Midwifery, The More You Know, Newborn Session, Modern Family, Baby Care

the WHOLE misconception - Modern Alternative Mama

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by Marissa Puffer. Marissa is a stay at home Christian mom who ...

let him choose: Notes on male (and female) circumcision from Wildflower Ramblings Circumcision, One Year Anniversary, The Eighth Day, A Day In Life, The More You Know, Lessons Learned, Human Rights, Baby Care, Wild Flowers

My notes on male (and female) circumcision - Wildflower Ramblings New

I wrote this for the one-year anniversary of saving my son’s penis. I was going to cut him according to Jewish custom, on the eighth day of life. Though I am Christian, I adhere to some Jewish traditions and enjoying reading my Bible in its original Hebrew. In no way is the following seeking to...Read More »

6 Horrible Reasons to Circumcise Your Infant - Updated For 2018 Circumcision Care Newborn, Psychological Well Being, The More You Know, Having A Baby, Baby Care, Hot Topic, Birth, Infant, Pregnancy

6 Horrible Reasons to Circumcise Your Infant - Updated For 2018

6 Horrible Reasons to Circumcise Your Infant

Our children have the right to bodily integrity. Circumcision is NOT a parenting choice. Natural Parenting, Co Parenting, Parenting Quotes, Just Say No, The More You Know, Circumcised Baby, Parents Choice, Psychological Well Being, Circumcision

As Genital Integrity Awareness Week comes to a close, I want to leave you with this piece. Some will be angered, many will "unlike". I ask you to consider the deconstruction though, because it is about so much more than the single image used- it is about the attitudes we hold toward parenthood, and our children. by Jennifer Andersen

If my girls had been boys. What I've learned about infant circumcision Circumcision, Childbirth Education, The More You Know, Boot Camp, Doula, Boys, Girls, My Girl, Infant

If my girls had been boys… | Danielle Long Certified Childbirth Educator