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modern home decor -- we would LOVE a wood sliding door. Sliding doors like these ones can really save space in rooms. These are some of the coolest sliding doors we've ever seen - they even added a coat hook!

25 Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Surely Wish to Try This at Home! Wallpaper Ideas and Inspirations Tags: accent wall wood accent wall wallpaper accent wall decor accent wall color ideas accent wall in living room accent wall paint accent wall in bathroom


Blue ceiling and wall bedroom. "You may have heard of painting the ceiling, but here, painting the ceiling and a single wall elevates the walls and ceiling into floating panes of color " Paint Outside the Box: 10 Unconventional Ways to Paint Your Rooms


Corner Lamp Corner Lamp A light where it's most needed, in the dark corners of your room. It seems like no matter how many lights I turn o.

Abstract wall with herringbone bricks  1. Paint base 2. Tape off bricks 3. Go Paint Crazy 4. Peel off painters tape 5. Voilà

Abstract wall with herringbone bricks. (Could do this with black base & white bricks to mimic a tile look) Paint base Tape off bricks Go Paint Crazy Peel off painters tape Voilà