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3D Walls Made From Timber Dowels and Paper Pipes. | yellowtrace blog »

Have students make modular pieces. Then decide what they can make out of it, in groups or individually. A modular wall made from paper pipes that encapsulates furniture

Jamie Lidell, You Naked - Flat-e

Flat-e is a London based design studio lead by Matt Bateman and Rob Slater. Flat-e create installations, artworks and experiences. Flat-e portfolio.


Zaha Hadid-Tower Hill-London, i like her pieces because they're very visual and unique and there is a lot to look at but at the same time they have been made in a simple way, i like how the light bounces off of the crystals to create that rainbow effect

we are working to get more images like this. People engaging with our exhibits, showing how they work, giving them context, etc

Colourful interaction for kids, creating your own designs and shapes through a simple but effective colour cup and white light shining behind Giant Lite Brite! At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology.