BERGEN Bryggen - plakat

Bergen poster by ViSSEVASSE - Bryggen. For centuries, many a deal has been sealed with a hearty handshake at Bryggen (the Wharf) in the Norwegian city of Bergen.

Poster with jumping swimmer

The Swimmer poster by ViSSEVASSE. Standing on the diving board and gazing into the deep water, you are likely to feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

Hillerød - plakat

Hillerød poster by ViSSEVASSE. Imagine living at Frederiksborg Castle! Since the the castle in the lake has stood as the iconic landmark of the town of Hillerød.

Fyn er Fin – Dagens Poster

Fyn er Fin – Dagens Poster (Boligcious)

Funen is lovely. Home of Hans Christian Andersen and the University of Southern Denmark

De små badehuse er bevis på, at større ikke altid er bedre. De få kvadratmeter rummer uanede mængder af lykke, luksus og gamle røverhistorier. Køb plakaten hos ViSSEVASSE!

The little beach huts are proof that bigger is not always better. Buy the poster from ViSSEVASSE here!

Vissevasse love in a bubble plakat

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