Love thy Neighbor

Lift the fallen, restore the broken and to heal the hurting through Jesus Christ.I always say my job is to love people. All kinds of people.

And while Satan might tell you that your name is failure, God calls you something entirely different. God calls you his child, his heir – what an honor!


9 Amazing Flat Belly Workouts To Help Sculpt Your Abs!

I have to remember this. Although, i NEVER claim perfection and have not always acted from love. I am not defined by how others treat me, not even those closest who I thought loved me unconditionally. I am defined by what God says.

Lillian is a burlesque dancer and her TEDx talk nails the key to positive body image. I'm fat.

“Mother Teresa didn't walk around complaining about her thighs—she had shit to do" - Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman’s Unsolicited Therapy Session for Girls

The diet started yesterday and so far I've done well,not weighing for a week now because I've become way too obsessed with it! This is seriously my goal!

{The Classy Woman}: The Modern Guide to Becoming a More Classy Woman: There is Joy in Being a True Lady

So true ! Maturity goes a long ways {The Classy Woman}: The Modern Guide to Becoming a More Classy Woman: There is Joy in Being a True Lady

You, alone, comfortable with yourself. True intimacy

♂ Black and white light ray in dark "Sheykh Lotf Allah Mosque" by safa pirshiri

Depression is a Liar. 3 important must-knows if you or a loved one is dealing with depression. A glimpse at my experience and my husband's depression as a pastor.

Depression is a Liar

Have you gone through a period of time in your life where everything went wrong at once? How Satan Attacks Us and what to do when he does.

How Satan Attacks Us

Journal, 16 September 2009 – When you're faced with a problem...

Cool idea to make a standard normal page a day diary into an art journal of single thoughts/realisations/things you've learned from each day