Exponent Chart

Index law chart with examples. Always useful to have concrete examples to go with the more general rule for students who struggle with pronumerals

Breukenkaart - Handig voor het rekenen met breuken! Vergelijk de breuken

, Flynn Design Think-Pair-Share - 318 Cooperative Learning Keys to Success 4 x 4 - the background for this one is actua

If you love DIY, you should know how it is awesome to recycle old things; they are even more valuable when we reuse them. If you are looking for some ideas on how to reuse those old well-loved, worn out jeans that keep stacking up in your recycling, this post is the right choice for […]

Top 25 Cool DIY Ways To Upcycle Old Denims

Denim Pocket Pot Holder Pattern (dear god, i have so many pairs of jeans i will never ever fit into again and are about sizes too big. i could make a ridiculous amount of potholders, lmao.


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