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Origami Lily flower

Origami Lily Folding Instructions - How to make Origami Lily - Origami Flowers Folding Instructions

The origami lily is the most classic of origami flowers. If you love origami, then you should learn to fold this. Follow our detailed written directions and step by step pictures to fold the lily. You're sure to impress someone with this origami lily!


Origami Yoshizawa Butterfly Folding Instructions

This is Akira Yoshizawa's origami butterfly, arguably the most famous of all origami butterflies. Akira Yoshizawa is an origami master who has greatly influenced the origami world.

origami ninja-star

Modular Origami Ninja Star Folding Instructions - How to Make an Origami Ninja Star or Origami Shuriken

The Japanese shuriken is better known as a ninja star. The origami ninja star is a classic and modular origami where you fold 4 of the same unit and then attach them without using any glue or tape. It's not difficult to fold and we make it much easier by showing step by step photos. No drawing diagrams to figure out here! Just clear directions and photos. So ahead and make thi origami ninja star masterpiece!


Origami Beating Heart Folding Instructions

Make your heart beat with this cool action origami. Fold it, put it to action and you're sure to impress someone with this origami beating heart.


Origami 8-Petal Flower Folding Instructions

We call this the origami 8-petal flower since there're doesn't seem to be an official name for it. It's fairly easy to fold and looks nice when completed.