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Anne Nørgaard

Anne Nørgaard
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Stop Writing on My Wall!

Funny pictures about Once Upon A Time On A Random Wall. Oh, and cool pics about Once Upon A Time On A Random Wall. Also, Once Upon A Time On A Random Wall photos.

Wow, how cool! A poem from a few words on just one page... love how the blue coloring looks like bubbles. awesome

Incorporate art into writing (poetry): Students can even pick a page from their favourite book as an inspiration. Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids. This is an interesting way to teach poetry.

Definitely need to do this at some point. Would make a great framed piece.

create your own gothic love poetry from old book pages as a unique and special valentine or christmas gift Found poetry. This is fabulous, use old books or photocopy book pages. Poetry and art and no two will be the same.