The first pin up librarian Ive ever seen...FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! I love it guys. Even more motivation to become a librarian when I grow up!! Check out Dieting Digest

Would make for a cute bookworm pin up tat "Rare Edition" 1962 Gil Elvgren Vintage Pin Up Art Gallery 20

Colette - Elvgren

Wall Art Print- Art Reproduction Vintage Sexy Pin-up Girl Gil Elvgren "Colette", 1957

Pin up girl

Gil Elvgren Gallery, Art, Prints, Gil Elvgren American Pin-Up Artist Gallery, he thinks i m too good to be true 1947

Rolf Armstrong    This was the first painting of Armstrong's favorite model, who was Jewel Flowers. She was 17 at the time and had never modeled before. She turned out to be his favorite model and he painted her about 60 times. Armstrong was one of the few artists who actually painted from the live model, rather than photographs of the model. This painting is known as "How Am I Doing" and was done in 1940.

«Rolf Armstrong: “How Am I Doing”? In the spring of Jewel Flowers responded to an ad in the paper for a modeling job. On the morning of March the former Miss Lumberton, North Carolina, all 5 foot and 100 pounds Jewel showed up to meet Rolf Armstrong

Alluringly elegant indeed! #vintage #art #glamorous

Pin-up and Glamour Art, GIL ELVGREN (American, Captivating, Brown &Bigelow calendar illustration, circa Oil on canvas.


Pinup prints- Cotton Sheet- Art Applique Vintage-Perfect for framing and sewing- Sexy Pin-up Girl Gil Elvgren "Making Friends", 1951

Pin-up beach beauty! #1940s #beach #summer #vintage #pinup_girl

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“Second Thoughts” by Gil Elvgren 1969

Handprinted Cotton Art Reprodn Applique Vintage Sexy Pin-up Girl Gil Elvgren "Second Thoughts " , 1969

All sizes | GIL ELVGREN, via Flickr.

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Joyce Ballantyne pinup girl images - The Pin-up Files

A pin-up girl by artist Joyce Ballantyne. Wallpaper and background photos of Ballantyne Pin-Up for fans of Pin Up Girls images.

“Jackpot” by Gil Elvgren 1961

Gil Elvgren vintage pin-up art ~ jackpot at an antique slot machine Vintage Las Vegas - ish