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Anna Snitgaard

Anna Snitgaard
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I wish it was my name in there

Tell hayes to put u down xD Matt: He won't listen to me Me: I'm surprised he can lift u up even Xp Matt: Rude! Me: Aw matt i was just kidding if i wasn't sick and with u I'd kiss u and cuddle u right now Matt: Same :'(

magcon boys performing\ - Google Search

I have actually hit my hand on my fan before doing something like nash did. Except i cant touch my nose with my tongue. But i hit a really high note while singing and i was in my room and that happend.

Yea I have a bæ. His name is Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky.

Do u gotta bæ or nah? Is u tryna date or nah? This is my home screen I love this vine 5 likes for my lock screen and/or comments answering this😇