"It's often what an artist chooses to leave out that makes the art interesting. What isn't shown versus what is. It's the same for people: What makes us interesting isn't just what we've experienced, but also what we haven't experienced. The same is true to when you do your work: You must embrace your limitations and keep moving. In the end creativity isn't just the things we choose to put in, it's the things we choose to leave out." Austin Kleon "Steal like an Artist". Posters by Sulki and…

I was re-reading Austin Kleon’s book “Steal like an Artist” over the weekend and the final sentences really stuck with me. He says: ” It’s often what an artist chooses to leave out that makes the art interesting. What isn’t … Continue reading →

Nicolas Guillerminet / TECHNOLITA #nicolas #guillerminet #graphic #design #metaphore #tdk

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Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox? - Jessica Svendsen

Jessica Svendsen - Poster for the Yale School of Architecture 2013 symposium, "Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox?

Image Spark - Image tagged "poster", "grid", "layout" - allthesun

Looking for portrait poster inspiration and found this Joy Division poster // I like the use of typography. It works well due to the black, white and grey colour scheme.

Tony Cragg #poster

Tony Cragg, poster submitted by Studio CCRZ and designed by Marco Zürcher from Studio CCRZ OnlyUnit Editions — Designspiration

MULTIVERSO on Behance #Poster Graphic Design

MULTIVERSOThe visual identity project of Icograda Design Week Torino 2008 (October was developed around the theme of Multiverso. “Multiverso” means “many ways” in which culture and action can live together in a diverse and frequent unpredictabilit…


It's Nice That : Typophiles Superscript² show us how it's done the other side of the Channel on Designspiration