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I want this more than anything; joking, naughtiness & deep conversation. The full gamut which is what a strong relationship should be. My ex tried to crush my spirit those years ago but she failed in the end. I still have hope & I remain a good man.

Friendship - 'I love those people you can joke around and have so much fun with and then have a deep conversation with and it's not weird at all.

Seaside Inspired - Specializing in Modern Beach Decor: Beach Signs

Words to beach by! "May all your days be filled with umbrella drinks". This small distressed box sign measures x and can sit easily on its 1 frame, or be hung on your wall.

Change is good...

Despite the unusual picture that makes it appear that this car is about to drive into the ocean which is in no way safe, nor is it likely to instill positive change in ones life. I still really like the message it's putting forth.