Different trees. You can never have enough drawings of trees.

Different trees. You can never have enough drawings of trees. LW trees, trees, & more trees

Patricia Urquiola tiles

Tiles: porcelain clays artisanally extruded - Bas-Relief collection "Patchwork bianco" designed by Patricia Urquiola, for Mutina

Marc Fichou Origami and Paper

Sweet animal origami from Marc Fichou with some notions of reference and identity in art. via Faith is Torment Related Ideas Advanced Origami: An Artist's Guide to Performances in Paper Origami Paper 100 Color Pack 5 Origami

make you own house - just like the ond cornflakes packets "Moyennes constructions"

Pellerin, one of the originators of paper models of any kind and a producer of outstanding models for about one hundred and fifty years. There are three sizes in the antique material: Petite, Moyenne, and Grande,

Paper Structures

3 paper structures done for my design studio class. The first model on the left is and the other two are Bristol board Elmer's glue White foam.

toyo ito - taichung opera house. model showing structure components

Taichung Metropolitan Opera House in Taiwan

Medialand Paris

Cardboard Paris: Independent web designer and Paper Crave reader, Melody Chou, recently had the chance to work as part of a design team at Taiwan-based Medialand to create a mind-blowingly awesome paper project for their client, clothing company Giordano.

Knit Nature Motif: Blue Tit

Free knitting patterns including this blue tit bird. Make something with a free knitting pattern from handylittleme. There are so many easy knitting patterns for beginners as well as intermediate knitters.

small house model ideas

No, not that kind of model home - the miniature versions that use smaller structures to explore larger architectural ideas, unique plans like turning your house

Inspired by Woody Allen’s gadget in the 1973 movie Sleeper – the Orgasmatron -Cindy Thompson’s tension fabric structure engaged viewers from the first day it was shown. The structure is made of steel banding and pop-rivets, covered in two fleshy colors of spandex.  Woody Allen’s creation was described as a “futuristic home appliance that provides instant pleasure.” Ms. Thompson’s sculpture was inviting, but the pleasure it provided remains a private matter.

Photos of completed Art projects using Transformit tension fabric structures

Mary Button Durell | paper structure

Mary Button Durell