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Doily-Trimmed Basket

Doily-Trimmed Basket - Martha Stewart Holiday & Seasonal Crafts cute packaging for eater treats , eggs , chicks , bunnies etc.

toilet paper tube book with tabs

An amazing scrapbooking friend of mine (who has known me my entire life) made some adorable miniature scrapbooks for all of my little sister's frien

One of my nephews just turned... wait for it... 16!!! Ugh, every time I say that I feel so old! While my sister was visiting I asked her what on earth do I get a 16 year old boy? To which, in uniso...

DIY money gift idea, gift ideas for men or boys, teenage birthday present ideas- wrap it up for parties! still waiting on my birthday present!

what to get someone for a christmas birthday - Google Search

passive aggressive christmas roundup

Gifts [“The Jar of Nothing” a perfect gift for any special occasion, birthday, anniversary or Christmas! A good little gag gift for the person who has everything and is always saying they want nothing! well now you can give them just that!

Min svoger og svigerinde fik sidste år denne indbydelse til en konfirmation. Den er hermed givet videre – lige til at lave efter –  eller måske ændre lidt, hvis man synes … Så vid…

Sjov og anderledes invitation til en konfirmation – eller anden fest …


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Billedresultat for bedste veninder tekster

10 sjove måder at lave pengegaver til konfirmanden - Hendes Verden

10 sjove måder at lave pengegaver til konfirmanden - Hendes Verden