Anastasia Parn

Anastasia Parn
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The Caretaker A Margaret Keane Big Eye Girl by BellaMercato, $10.00

The Caretaker A Margaret Keane Big Eye Girl. Believed the eyes were a reflection/opening to the soul, which is why they are enhanced or blackened in her photos. Her dark past and abusive husband influenced this.

Margaret Keane

In the and Walter Keane was famous for his paintings of big-eyed, weeping children. The paintings look a good deal like manga art to me. © Margaret Keane The Keane paintings became popular on the West Coast about[…]

I've never been happy before truly until I was with her. She brought so much joy into my life and she made me wanna do good in life to be able to support us and do things for her, I love doing things for her no matter what it was.  I wish I could just talk to her or see her that would amazing ..

You made me so happy every time you would just text me I would onetime a cry out of joy and u never knew how much u actually meant to me but I guess I was just another of your "girls" and that just kills me inside I can feel my heart breaking.