Anne-Marie Lund Andersen

Anne-Marie Lund Andersen

Copenhagen, Denmark / I am studying the science of speech, hearing and reading at Copenhagen University of Denmark. I'm passionate about my course, language, art and crafting.
Anne-Marie Lund Andersen
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This is a cochlea (inner ear) that has been opened so that you can see the nerve cells inside: each of the little lines that you see within the cochlea is a nerve cell.

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Shane is signing with Santa on ZVRS (Video phone for the Deaf) All he asked Santa for was four Rainbow colored.

Tesla holding a gas filled phosphor coated wireless lightbulb which he developed in the a half a century before fluorescent lamps came into use.Wallpaper and background photos of Tesla Wireless Lightbulb for fans of Nikola Tesla images.

Names of indoor rock climbing holds and how to use different types. Indoor rock climbing holds come in all shapes and sizes. Learning climbing hold names and types is essential to improving your climbing.

Having a well balanced overall strength is essential for climbing. Having strong arms is favorable to good technique. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t perform the next move because you don’t have the arm … Continue reading →