Kirstine Stensdal

Kirstine Stensdal

Kirstine Stensdal
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Easy Bullet Journaling

Easy Bullet Journaling Here is a link that shows learners how to pair journaling with studying and keeping one's schedule organized.

6 Foods For Healthy Hair Growth Infographic

6 Foods For Healthy Hair Growth.Healthy skin tips. Healthy skin hacks to help you achieve healthy skin. The right foods can help you achieve healthy skin and also healthy hair and nails too.

Prep for a weekend of healthy hair with this easy DIY split end mask!

My stepdaughter has extremely long hair and needs to doesn't cut her hair often and gets split ends. After one application, her hair is silky, shiny and smooth! Healthy hair DIY mask for split ends hair

5 Coconut Oil Hair Treatments

Coconut oil has been used for betterment of hair growth and other beauty treatment for skins for centuries in India especially in Kerala state where I come coconut oil treatments with right combinations has been given to solve your hair issues.

how to grow long hair

how to grow long hair, Hair loss and hair thinning is a major problem Male pattern baldness and hair diminishing is a noteworthy issue for some men and ladies, however today we’ll demonstrate…