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From taxi drivers who steal your luggage in Vegas, to the street games pickpocket in Paris: Infographic reveals the top 40 tourist scams to watch out for this summer

Thinking about traveling this summer? We get warned every year, but watch out for tourist scams when traveling abroad. Check out this very cool infographic that tells you just about every tourist scam in existence.

Uggh, the last paragraph~ Have never heard a more articulate break down of the word "feminism" than this one. It cannot be called All Lives Matter because it is black lives that have undergone centuries of oppression. It cannot be called equality because it is the female gender that has ALWAYS been regarded as inferior

"Why the word FEMINIST? Why not just say you are a believer in human rights, or something like that?" "Because that would be DISHONEST.

Best Yoga Poses for Better Sleep: An Easy Beginners Guide

Best Yoga Poses for better sleep. Sleep deprivation may lead to unprecedented weight gain. Sleep better for weight loss. Yoga for better sleep.