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DIY a new iPhone case with these free printables.

probably the most easiest and cheapest case to make. all you need is a plain transparent case, print out any pattern and cut it out to the shape of your case (don't forget the camera hole) simple and you can customize it to your liking!

Cairo is selling a rack that look like a mini garage. It comes with a little bitty Porsche, Karmann Ghia, Jaguar E-Type, VW bus, or Beetle key chain that you can park so you never lose your keys ag...

This is a design by: Andre Rumann. It is a simple little product that involves a keychain holder (being the garage) and a keychain in the shape of little mini car. So when you return from work, simply park the car (and your key) in the garage :) gold ella necklaces ✨ which one's your favorite: 1, 2 or 3? #savetheelephants

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The Best of Lisbon: A Quick Guide on What to See, Eat & Do • The Overseas Escape

The Best of Lisbon: A Quick Guide on What to See, Eat & Do- I love the sunrise view and the cooking class