Beza Elementy by Beza Projekt

takeovertime: (via Patch, Metal Band-aids to Fix Furniture by Beza Projekt

NOSIGNERS Open source design 'corner module'.

One Corner of the Open Source Movement

NOSIGNER originally designed their Open Source Furniture collection for Mozilla Japan, one part of the company whose web browser I am using right now. Like the Mozilla Foundation develops and advocates for open source technology, the Open Source.

Freakish clock by Sabrina Fossi

FreakishClock Wall Clock by Sabrina Fossi Design

Lounger By Michael Robbins

Made from woven white or black canvas with ticking stripe detail, the Lounger is built from a maple or walnut wood frame.

Candle Holder by Hanna Zoon: available from Gselect: $22

Candle Holder :: Hanna Zoon