Marzipan - Nougat Roulade

Marzipan - Nougat Roulade Marzipan - Nougat Roulade Zutaten: 400 g reines…

Chocolate-dipped marzipan coins. Mmmmm. Love marzipan. Must try.

Whenever there was a special occasion growing up, marzipan was my treat of choice. It was not available in the small town I grew up in - ex.

Chokolade trøfler med marcipan og krokant - Opskrift fra //// Chocolate crocant truffles with marcipan

Marcipan konfekt med krokantfyld opskrift

Marzipan Licorice Chocolate Truffles

Dadelkugler med lakrids - Nem julekonfekt og andet godt - The Food Club