Classic Danish Design: Kay Bojesen's Wooden Toys

Classic Danish Design: Kay Bojesen's Elephant (Nordic Days)

Classic Danish Design: Kay Bojesen's Wooden Toys (have the elephant, want the hippo)

A Century of Danish Chairs Poster Great reference to match shapes of vintage items found.....

Danish modern, frequently capitalized as Danish Modern, is a vintage style of minimalist wood furniture from Denmark associated with the Danish design movement. In the Kaare Klint embraced the principles of Bauhaus modernism in furniture design, cr

This Danish pattern called "Musselmalet" carries so much meaning for me....It royal Danish Porcelain and has followed me on my life journey...

Gorgeous teacups with blue willow style art. Simple, elegant, and lovely accents for any kitchen area. These types of accents add the perfect amount of grace and purity to any room.

Louis Poulsen - Danish design.

Louis Poulsen is an international lighting manufacturer and part of Polaris Private Equity. Louis Poulsen serves the professional and private lighting markets, and produces and develops lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

Danish lighting - poster by Sivellink Illustration (Emma Victoria Sivell)

danish lighting sketch -PHPanton NormannCopenhagen Bang LeKlint Jacobsen Fog Karlby Utzon - illustration by Sivellink allgoodthings danish spotted by Lighting inspiration.