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Alba Matthiesen
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this happens more times then i would like to admit

Well, That Conversation Escalated Quickly… every time. good god this is me when I first meet someone! I get the worst anxiety sometimes!

I find peace by going inward. Most of the time. Other times, it's quite chaotic in here - my brain won't shut up.

I also believe that introversion is my greatest strength. I have such a strong inner life that I'm never bored and only occasionally lonely. text by - susan cain

Because even though introverts are misunderstood constantly, you know this to be true: | 27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

Mental Health: Introverts - Gains Energy and Renewal from Time Spent Alone - Majority of People are Introverted vs Extroverted - 27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand - Article provides Humored Truths for Many - A little Balance is Key though.