Friday Favorites ::: Autumn Arriving - Cottage in the Oaks

Friday Favorites ::: Autumn Arriving

Getaway In the woods What made 2 cups of coffee - one to you, one to God and hung out.and then the other cup was empty suddenly - and God literally had been drinking coffee with you? Will make 2 cups for my quiet time todaaaay.

Good Morning

manimmortal: “Good Morning Journal With Beth KirbyA bi-weekly feature by photographer Olivia Rae James documenting morning rituals and recipes, Good Morning Journal looks into how wonderful people lay.


Where will your next cup of coffee take you?/ i could make a picture album of me having tea /coffee at different places throughout the year and call it "coffee tea and me"with dates and years

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How to Make Mocha cup caffé, cup latte, 1 cucchiaino abbondante sciroppo…

Such a cute house, and I bet Bigfoot lives in that forest, too. SCORE!

Top 10 Most Astonishing Rustic Houses In The World

Old boat house in Norway. When I see pictures of Norway, I understand how in the depths of my soul I long for mountains, waterfalls and wild nature. I am Norwegian to the very core of my being.

A great read is encouraged when having breakfast. Nothing's more pleasant than nibbling on a piece of toast, with a hot cup of tea/coffee and a good read. I'm currently reading "On Liberty - Mills" (philosophy reading!

Collection 02.

Collection 02.

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Drip Coffee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< previous pinner, this isn't drip coffee, it's a pour over. Drip coffee is brewed from a coffee machine like Mr. Coffee or a Keurig.