One-Legged King Pigeon Pose is a deep backbend that puffs the chest, making a yogi resemble a pigeon.

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“There is no meaning to fate  If you don’t have faith”  ― Swetha Dhanagari http://on.fb.me/18hDKoD

Half moon variation ♂ Yoga nature body mind strength “There is no meaning to fate If you don't have faith” ~ Swetha Dhanagari

Inverted lotus: Absolute balance. One day, I would love to have the strength (body and mind) to do this.

Check out the amazing Forearm Balance by Tammy Jones Yoga; yoga pose performed at london, uk on YogaTrail; the World's Yoga Network.

Ask for divine help. Prayer is how we ask the questions... Meditation is listening to the answers. - @yoga_girl

Andy- There is a yoga studio in Damascus. I've always wanted to try yoga. You could always get me a month membership so I could try it, relax and enjoy doing something new.