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Description Hello Petals, I'm Bree and I'm a twenty year old nature and tea obsessed student nurse from Melbourne Australia just trying to find her way through this beautiful life.

It may be inappropriate, but I love walking around in everything but pants, underwear yes, but I hate pants!

If we were dreaming about perfect mornings, this would be one of the dreams. Thanks for sharing

joelbearstudios: “ It’s beginning to feel like fall, which feels like adventure. Any adventures planed for this fall? (at Mt Evans) ”


This reminds me of our three weeks summer vacation on a boat when I was a child :-)

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heavenfalldown: oregontopatagonia: I bought a map of South... (Death by Elocution)

heavenfalldown: oregontopatagonia: I bought a map of South America in on the of July no less. Almost none of the current countries are on here, so I had to draw my route as best I could judg