Annika Dalsgaard Jensen

Annika Dalsgaard Jensen

Annika Dalsgaard Jensen
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That's it, that's Team Cap

That's it, that's Team Cap<--- you forgot hawkeye<---Hawkeye is one of the birds. They forgot Antman

NOTP! It's perfect! I'm using this term now.   Octavian and Rachel is one of my NOTP's (I don't know who that tweeter was who shipped that, but there's something wrong with them)

Perachel,Pernico,Perlypso is my NOPT and so is Leyna and Lahlia or whatever you call it.

This is the best thing ever!

I know this is more about fandoms in general, but I thought it would be worth sharing here ;) and sadly so true about all these fandoms I'm in all them. Help <<< I want to be in them all but sadly the Supernatural weekend hasn't happened


My daily struggle, cept the fanfiction part because I actively avoid those!<<<<---both of these people are me because fanfiction has destroyed my life but I can't seem to stay away no matter how hard I try