Adris Bevziukas

Adris Bevziukas

Adris Bevziukas
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Painting Process The 8 x 26 aquaboard was painted with a variety of orange and brown acrylics to create a hazy background for the bound skull stack, while the underpainting was created with gouache. T

Day of the Dead Artist David Lozeau, The Ties That Bind, David Lozeau Dia de los Muertos Art - 1

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Tomasz Majewski is an independent illustrator and graphic designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He has graduated from university with a Fine Arts M.

I choose this skull because it represents Hamlet fighting between his views on life and death. In the picture it looks like there is still some type of skin on the skull. The skull has a expression of agony which also reminds me of hamlet.

I must be cruel only to be kind." This quote goes with this board because Hamlet had to kill to get revenge for his father's death.