Glow in the dark party - how fun! birthday!!!

15+ Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Bright Ideas For A Neon Glow In The Dark Party. Yes, I wanna have a glow in the dark party.

Organic Trellis

Great idea for all the sticks & branches! Great room divider, wall or garden art or even a trellis!

DIY coffee table.

Wooden tree stump on wheels. No wheels, regular feet instead? Lovely coffee table idea though

pretty cool bench idea

Garden bench with potted trees on either end. Plant when trees are big enough. This would be easy to DIY

Create this Pastel Flower Bouquet with Eggs for your #Easter celebration.

Easy Easter Centerpieces and Table Settings

bright orange centerpieces with the loveliest kumquat accents How adorable! Easter flower arrangement centerpieces oh my, so pretty

Birthday Decor

Number photo collage - for birthday or anniversary parties (Maybe just in the house for mom and dad's anniversary?

.hanging lanterns

Hang a branch with fishing line from ceiling. Then hang different lanterns from the branch. I still have my branch hanging from Christmas!

#DIY Color Wheel Trivets. #coloreveryday

via etsy: An Original Green Gift for the Eco Friendly Art Lover Tree Ring Paintings by Tracy Melton

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