Barrington Blue

LOVE these pillows! Barrington Blue - for me, for you --- bright colorful throw pillows, heavy pillows - boho interior

William Morris, Owl Pattern. Wm Morris was a renaissance man in the best sense of the word. What a guy! Love his stuff.

Put a Pin In It (5.3

A lo Amelie - AD España, © BELÉN IMAZ

Apartamento bohemio en Nueva York

Gray living room walls trimmed with contrasting black paint in a vintage New York apartment filled with antique and modern furniture, vintage Moroccan rugs and a stunning molded fireplace.

Ewe People. Ghana - Early 20th Century

Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles Cotton strip weaving Woven in 10 strips from the ewe people Ghana early century

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honey bee good ✿ breezy floral by elizabeth olwen (illustration fleurs flowers pattern print)

Gunta Stölzl Five Choirs, 1928 Jacquard weave in cotton, wool, rayon and silk 229 x 143 cm

Jacquard Wall Hanging – Chöre” – 1928 / Cotton, wool, rayon and silk / 229 x 143 cm by Gunta Stölzl - The Queen of Bauhaus - Monster Patterns