Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly -- American painter, sculptor, and printmaker associated with hard-edge painting, Color Field painting and the minimalist school.

Ellsworth Kelly

ryannordkitchen: “ Ellsworth Kelly (detail) at the Philadelphia museum of art ”

Ellsworth Kelly

kakaji: Pole created by contemporary artist Ellsworth Kelly. His work bridges Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, & Color Field painting. What I admire most is his use of cropping, creating dynamic compositions with so few elements.

Ellsworth Kelly in Betty Parsons Gallery, New York 1963

luck-luck: “ Dan Budnik Ellsworth Kelly, Betty Parsons Gallery, New York - November 1963 ” I love how these are hung so close together.

Ellsworth Kelly blue and red

Red Blue by Ellsworth Kelly 1964 A screenprint from two screens. An image of a partial red/orange oval on a blue field. 24 × 20 inches: Prints and Paintings

Ellsworth Kelly

View Green Form by Ellsworth Kelly on artnet. Browse more artworks Ellsworth Kelly from Matthew Marks Gallery.

Ellsworth Kelly: "The Golden Eternity", 1951.

Elsworth Kelly - Yellow White, Kelly's work is very intriguing to me. These two obviously hand drawn forms seem to put pressure on one another and play with movement. They seem completely identical but are they?