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These Time-Lapse Videos Show How Much The Kardashians Have Changed

She's come a long way: Kim's lips, nose, eyes and hair completely change throughout the video, created by an artist who goes by the name Saint Hoax

build a tree house

If I Was Given A Dollar Every Time Someone Told Me To Grow Up…. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

I'm laughing so hard right now!!!!!!

serves the morons right for freaking talking on the phone while you& going to the bathroom! I hate it when people do that. if you& going to talk in a bathroom with one other person there, be prepared for them to maybe answer you dumbbutt!


How to sit at a computer correctly. This is a funny picture about sitting at the computer. Everyone uses computers and often we sit in funny ways.

Crazy Portraits of People Being Blown by a Leaf Blower | DeMilked

Hilarious portraits of people blown in the face with gale-force wind taken by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern.

Public Health fail.

Please practice SAFE SEX and use the condom stapled to this card. Should the people who made this really be giving advice.

Sometimes Pinterest projects don't turn out like you expect them to :)

Pin Nailed It. Failed It. So I’ve been wanting to make cake pops. But, mine didn’t turn out. So instead I modeled this pin attempt to the Cookie Monster Cupcake pin. My cake pop attempts are on.