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Sea buckthorn is a dense, deciduous tree or shrub with thorny branches. It can grow up to a height of about 12 meters, and has an extensive root system. Sea buckthorn is also known as sallow thorn.

Sea Buckthorn schnapps has a very special, sweet-acid taste and a beautiful golden colour. Serve with a variety of foods. Excellent as after-dinner drink. Or made into a fine Sea Buckthorn Liqueur.

Sea buckthorn and apple jelly.

Recipe: Sea buckthorn and apple jelly.

What on earth can you make with sea buckthorn berries? A fabulous jelly, of course!

Hippophae rhamnoides - Sea Buckthorn. The bright orange berries are edible and contain very high levels of vitamin C making the fruit extremely acidic. They're best eaten after a frost when they've been bletted (over-ripened) as it reduces the astringency.

Leh berry or sea buckthorn grown in the high altitutes of Ladakh, India.

Latvian sea ​​buckthorn wine. Riga

Latvian sea ​​buckthorn wine. Riga

Apple and Sea Buckthorn Jam

Sea buckthorn berries make good jam!

I was getting ready to do a talk to the North Mayo Garden Club today, and as I was going through my presentation I remembered that I had a few pots of delicious apple and sea buckthorn jam left.

Cuddybridge apple and sea buckthorn juice

Cuddybridge apple and sea buckthorn juice - from Scotland Food and Drink 2014 Award Winner in the category Drink - Non-Alcoholic.

Sea buckthorn cheesecake. Recipe on the blog.

Sea buckthorn cheesecake. Recipe on the blog.

Pannacotta med havtorn (kock Christina Gyllner)

Pannacotta med havtorn