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It's so beautiful. I would like to take a picture of this myself and if possible taking pictures of my friends or family.

Reasons to Start Planning Your Alberta Winter Vacation The open road ahead: bare trees and snowy mountain tops.

Downtown Christmas time

Snow in New York City. Snow is amazing everywhere -- but in NYC it is delightful! Its clean white and silent -- what is usually bustling is calm and serene LOVED NYC just after a major snow storm---when it starts to melt---uggg that is another story.

Stunning drone photos of Sweden's ancient and inaccessible forests

Winter wonderland: Tobias Hägg captured this snowy image in his hometown Eskilstuna, the little house is completely surrounded with beautiful nature and a small little lake

Printemps glacé...

This a picture of a cherry blossom in the snow. This links into my theme of 'green' because in this picture the cherry blossom flowers are exactly the same as they are in other seasons but the only thing different is that there is snow on the plant.

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