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I get to see how Chanyeol sleeps & his morning look!^^ ♡ #ican #restinpeace #now :)

I get to see how Chanyeol sleeps & his morning look!^^ ♡ :) <<<< and his morning voice I cried


They are so cute~ also Suho is right about himself. I showed my mom a picture of him yesterday and she was like, "He looks like a good kid!" <<< LOL trueee my mom thinks suho is good looking


"Twinkle Twinkle" EXO version xD I will sing this to my children! <<< I don't plan to have children so I'll just sing it to random children!


quick question: why does xiumin (the oldest member) look more like a grade schooler then the actual grade schooler (our baby maknae sehun)

Jongdae you troll, hitting Kris in the face. LOL it looks like Kris is saying "FUCK" as he turned.

Chen hitting Kris in the face, poor BenBen!

the question of the year xD #kris #exo

I bet his style is to say that it's not his style ending up with the fact that it actually is his style . Then go watch exo showtime ! I Kris Suho Tao

EXO showtime

EXO Showtime Ep 9 ~ Xiumin's explanation to Luhan to the game of Suitcase 007 LOL~ Most funny reaction that Luhan gives ahahahahahahahahahaha