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The Flavors of Your Favorite Beers, Visualized. Porter, Stout, IPA, Brown Ale, Wheat Beer, and Saison.

Food infographic The Flavors of Your Favorite Beers Visualized. Porter Stout IPA Brown Ale W

The Anatomy of a Top Chef Infographic. Think this is very interesting

Learn about the best dressed "Top Chef's" in America. What kind of chef coats do these culinary masters prefer? What kind of chef pants do the Iron Chefs wear?

Aromatic veggies, fat, and spice combinations lay down a solid flavor base for all your favorite cuisines. This infographic is a great cooking reference.

Garlic, onions, celery, and carrots--aromatics like these make dishes build a flavor foundation for everything from sauces to sautes. Cook Smarts offers this helpful guide to aromatics and how to combine them for dishes from different cuisines.

To Build

what a beautiful way to have a playhouse in your garden - this gypsy caravan look-alike is so sweet, as a den for your teens, an escape (mayhap romantic?) for you or a child play house.