Malou Graff-Ellekilde

Malou Graff-Ellekilde

Malou Graff-Ellekilde
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She knows. ..

I guess I've never really thought about it this way before. It's just a natural thing for me, it's how I'm wired. It's one of the qualities about myself that I'm most grateful for. That I was entrusted with this Gift. There are many kinds of strength.

Tonight, we clicked. I was mentally stimulated. You took the time to come see me, and stuck around long enough for me to not want to leave. Forgive me for this wall I've built. I'm still healing nd learning to love myself

Some would think of her as cold, but I knew better. She had reached a place where she didn't need anyone and as any human who has been there can tell you, that's a hard place to leave.

J.M. Storm.

"Sometimes she'll push away what she wants because she wants it too much. And too much scares the hell out of her. Because sometimes people lose themselves in wanting too much. I pushed you away for this reason Mel Payne