Malla Mascara

Malla Mascara
Headquarter Is Located In Denmark / Malla Mascára is a worldwide agency for strongly educated makeup artists and hair stylists. We represent both hair and makeup for; fashion, magazine, bridal, ru
Malla Mascara
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Crazy about fruit?! Photoshoot idea @J O Bontrager

This is a good example of food photography because it brings in another element of art, but still focuses on the food as the subject. The also use the food as inspiration for the make-up of the girls in the photos.

Edgy photo-shoot look idea

When you hear black lipstick you automatically think of Halloween right? Get that out of your head now! Black can be used all year around. I love, love, love a deep, dark, velvety black lips…

Makeup or  photoshoot ideas i would like to try and volunteer models for photoshoots contact me...

white ivory white and gold white and silver black black and white black and gold black and red black and silver soft blue blue dark blue turquoise soft green green dark green soft pink pink hot pink.