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Louise Heebøll
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32 square pavers in the grass make a checkerboard. What do you suggest to use for checkers?

Looking for that statement piece for your uberpatio/deck/outdoor kitchen? If you saved some lawn space, you can add a giant chess set to your outdoor paradise. The kids can get their think on with a game of chess in the great outdoors.

Tips For Planting and Caring for Fruit Trees. Everyone loves fresh fruit, especially if it is grown in your own backyard. But planting and caring for fruit trees requires some care; from planting to harvest. If your fruit trees are not cared for correctly then you risk the tree becoming diseased or not producing. Fortunately, a good planting foundation goes a long way toward a long, fruitful future harvest.

Commitment is the stuff character is made of. So I ask myself – Is my commitment for a life-time – or part-time? Let's get committed to living God's way.

Græsplæne efterår | Forny din græsplæne med efterårssåning

Forny græsplænen med en eftersåning i september

Den røde plads, Nørrebro, Nyt byrum

Three colours – Red Black Green: Landscape Park in Copenhagen