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am i tho only one who hugs their friends super often(like always. evry five minutes for two whole minutes) but feels like its not enough because you really wanna hig that ONE PERSON(u kno wat am tawkin bout(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tonight I told this guys how I've liked him on and off and how I'm starting to have feelings again but just to shy to text, I found out that he's had crush on me as well but never attempted because he still liked someone else, we're going to talk, but nothing isn't going to happen until he's over that girl then MAYBE something will happen, lesson is: never too late to tell someone how you feel, or be afraid too.

I've been a horde of my feelings for so long and sometimes when I express my feelings I feel like I dig my self in a deeper hole. I need to understand that expressing those pent up feelings are better than keeping them in.

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