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ヾ( General Info Name: Hirayama Miho DOB: May Age: 16 Sex: Female Height: ½ ft Weight: 138 lbs Year: &

photo study (ref by Emily Soto) Facebook: Tumblr:

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Magdalina Dianova shares this beautiful character in this months Gallery

In this month’s issue we have an interview with Lip Comarella, the art director behind animation studio Salon Alpin.


art by Cyarin (Laura)

Cassandra. 21. Romanian Canadian artist and lazy fairy. Contact:

Cassandra Calin Romanian Canadian artist and lazy fairy.


beautiful, drawing, and blue image jurk

By @missupacey - #Artatte.

By I want to try the hair/ lips Drawing

Laia López @itslopez Ahhhh these color...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Ahhhh these color pallette challenges are so much fun☕️ here's a quick coloring before I go to sleep🌚☁️ ( OC Valentina from "The Feeling")✨

Flawless drawing by @melmadedooks.

Flawless drawing by is so lovely ahh

by Itslopez . Character Sketch / Drawing

by Itslopez . Character Sketch / Drawing<< oh my god teen wolf