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Hans Peter Byager

Hans Peter Byager
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Unique jewelry, fashion accessories and gadgets that support the Steampunk Idealistic Lifestyle

Steampunk Cryptozoologists Tool Bracer by *Nashoba-Hostina on deviantART  gnomish inspiration

So, I keep adding tidbits and such to my Lycanthropy Case and am running out of room for some of the things in it. Since this was done for my lycanthropic cryptozoologist steampunk persona, (it sta.

Item: Medieval Armour Boots Vendor: TurboSquid URL: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-of-medieval-armour-boots-v3/613238 Price: $49

Cursed boots of [location] (bonus to reflexes. Once worn for a day they cannot be removed. Once worn for a month they will force the wearer to walk, without stopping to the location, whether it takes them through an ocean or other deadly obstacles)

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